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Are you obsessed with
plant ingredients and their benefits? 
We totally are.

Yet we kept finding ourselves settling for products that claimed

to be chemical free with maximum benefits.

We are committed to crafting our range ethically and with uncompromising integrity, from the plant to the bottle. 

Each product is handmade in small batches with sustainability at the forefront of Lilac Beauty.

We pour every effort into delivering the most beautiful

experience we can imagine in the form of our products.

Sustainably and ethically sourced, you can be rest assured that you’re indulging in a ritual that is

truly clean in all senses of the term—right from the sourcing of the ingredients to the ethical packaging 

of our products that have been individually handcrafted for you.

95% of our packaging is completely recyclable and 

made of premium quality glass and metals.

So we spent a year testing our formulations, experimenting with ingredients from the Himalayan range in India and found the perfect formulas that work and are toxin free.

Our plant powered formulas are created using minimal ingredients from the valley of flowers to produce maximum results.

Creating Lilac Beauty was a consequence of our deep passion for natural, plant powered skincare. Using the indulgent power of pure herbs, flowers, cold-pressed oils and infusions in our products, we believe in nourishing the skin with products in their most natural, least processed form. 

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